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New Convention Charts: Artificial? 2 Level Responses

Our 2 response to 1 minor, playing mid-chart, could be one of three hand types over 1 and four types over 1:

SJS in , balanced 11-12, mixed raise of minor, or (after 1) an invitational hand with clubs  (we play 1 2 as GF)

We were advised that this was not GCC due to the calls not all being GF and thus, are relay oriented.


Our 2 response to 1M can be of three hand types,  a 3 card LR, a natural 2/1, or a balanced 12-14 or 18+

We were told this was mid-chart because the major raise was not GF.


The new charts state:

2. *** “Natural”:

c. Any response or rebid in a minor at the two-level or higher showing 3 or morecards in the suit bid

The new BASIC convention chart now allows:

7. An Artificial jump response showing a raise (of any strength) of Opener’s Natural opening bid.


Are we good now if a 2 response has at least 3 clubs?

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