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New defense vs 1nt

I've been working on a strong defense vs NT over an extended period of time, tweaking and optimizing as I go, asking opinions from various expert+ players.  Normally I play Meckwell for it's effectiveness and simplicty with most partnerships.  For those of you that don't know meckwell.  Over 1nt x shows either a long minor or both majors and 2c then asks.  Minors show the minor bid plus an unspecified major.  Major bids are natural.  I like the fact that 2h and 2s are natural as they have good preemptive values.  If your opponents don't play a robust system over interference such as rubenshol or transfer lebenshol life can be difficult for them.  I however also like the ability to show 5-4 hands with modified capp.  In an attempt to combine the benefits and make further improvements, the latest version is as follows:

m = minor

M = major

Very Strong = hand with shapely 18+pt playing strength with good suit(s)


(1nt) - ?

x - 4c M longer m, or both M's

2c - long m or M + m equal lengths (usually 5-5)

2d - 4c m longer M or both m very strong

2h - H

2s - S

2nt - both m weak or 1 suited M very strong

3c-3s - preemptive, natural



after x

2c asks for the m pass or correct, 2h response confirms M's instead of 4m longer M

2d asks for the M, could be a strong hand interested in game.  After x - 2d - 2M - 2nt then asks for the m.  With both M's and a decent hand jump 3h over 2d since partner is interested in a 4c M over a 5c m you guys have a great fit somewhere.


after 2c

2d is the default ask.

after 2c - 2d, pass confirms diamonds,  3c shows 1 suit clubs, M bids show that M + unspecified m (equal lengths) 2nt then asks for the m

all other bids are natural "to play"


after 2d

2h is pass correct for the M, 2nt asks for the m, all other bids are natural

after 2d - 2h - 2s - 2nt asks for the m

2d - 2h - 2nt shows strong hand with both minors


after 2h

all bids are natural


after 2s

all bids are natural


after 2nt

all bids are "to play" but with strong M 2nt bidder bids 3 of the M after partner takes a preference for the supposed minor.

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