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New Event - Double Elimination KO - Toronto Regional

I wanted to share a new event that will be running at the upcoming Toronto Regional in case other tournament chairs are interested.


It is a 3 session KO, but it is played in 18 board sessions. The first 18 boards are played, where the winners continue on, and the losers are entered into a compact KO. The second session of the original KO and the first session of the CKO are split 9 boards before the meal break and 9 boards after. Finally there is an 18 board final for both the original KO and CKO.

It is a way for a team to get 2 shots at gold points, while still having the entire event complete in a morning/afternoon or afternoon/evening.

My hypothesis is that one of the reason KO attendance is going down is that people are not willing to commit to 2 days of play, or playing from 9am to 10:00pm in one day. I'm hoping that this will bring back people to teams, especially in the lower levels.

Interested in any feedback to improve on this idea.

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