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New IBF page shows that it takes ethics questions seriously

The Israel Bridge Federation's monthly bulletin for February announced the opening of a new page on the IBF website.  Called Fair Play, it's a convenient form for reporting irregularities, ethical or in behavior, from any IBF-sanctioned event.  In announcing the new system, IBF Chairman Gilad Ofir says the following (in Hebrew, of course, as is everything on the IBF website):  "With the help of this system, players can easily report irregularities they have encountered in the fields of ethics/discipline/illogical bridge/psyches etc.  With the help of the system, we will be able to raise the level of dealing with irregularities of this type.  Of course, we hope that it won't be necessary."

Wonder if other NBOs have instituted similar systems.  If not, it certainly seems like a good idea.

Even at this preliminary stage of events, kudos are due to Ofir, who's relatively new in the post of IBF chairman.  During his term, the IBF moved quickly and resolutely by establishing the Special Ethics Committee to deal with accusations against one of its leading pairs, "did the right thing" by withdrawing from the Bermuda Bowl voluntarily in the light of questions about cheating in the European qualifying tournament, and has now taken a serious step forward to deal with ethical and other problems on a local level.  The process is far from complete: the SEC's process has been delayed more than most of us would have wished, and it's not clear what infrastructure has been established, or already exists, for dealing with complaints registered on the Fair Play webpage/system.  The important thing, however, seems to be  that things are moving in the right direction.


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