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New Orleans Board of Governors Meetings - Deja Vu!

I can't find anything on the NO BoG meetings (probably have to wait some time for the minutes). But I received the following from Jonathan Steinberg:

"As one of the District 2 representatives to the ACBL Board of Governors, I proposed several motions that were approved [including] the identical motion regarding online masterpoints that was overwhelmingly approved in 2014. In New Orleans, it was once again overwhelmingly approved.

Simply put, the motion asks the ACBL Board of Directors to publish separate lifetime masterpoint lists, one for F2F play, and one for online play. This would be consistent with the yearly masterpoint races - the Top 500 is restricted to F2F play; the top yearly Online Masterpoint Races is restricted (obviously) only to points won playing online. There are no other changes. All masterpoints are combined for the purposes of bracketed KO's and various ACBL ranks (LM, Silver, Diamond, etc.). If you wish to share your opinion, please contact your District ACBL Board member."

Many people (myself included) offered their views on this thread -

I'm not sure why the same motion gets brought forth a second time. I will leave it at that.

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