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New suit: natural or control bid?


This is inspired by an old MSC Bridge World problem. 

Do you have a specific partnership agreement which defines, if both are plausible, whether a new suit is natural or a control bid, when partner has shown a long strong suit ...

  1. Without competition, e.g. 1 1NT 3 4
  2. With competition, e.g. (2{=WK}) 3 (P) 4


Please note, I am not simply asking about the two scenarios listed above - they are just illustrative - but rather, do you have a rule which, if applied, makes what you believe to be the answers to the cases above (and others) true?

Ian C

PS For those who care (it is not directly relevant to the question) the MSC problem scenario was (2), you were the 3 bidder and held AK AKTxxxx xx Qx, or something like that

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