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New to flight A

I'm a fairly new player on the tournament scene, having only started playing duplicate about 6-7 years ago, and just went over 1,000 masterpoints, but I got lucky enough to find a series of talented players to mentor me, culminating in my partnership of the last two years with an experienced local expert. We were fortunate enough to win the right to represent District 20 in the Flight A NAPs in Louisville, and now we're working to come up with defensive bidding agreements in preparation for my 2nd ever NABC+ event. I'm hoping to use the experience of the myriad of expertplayers on BridgeWinners to help us prepare.
The list of conventional defenses that I think we need toadd to our system notes(for our slightly homegrown and highly conventional2/1 system) include:
Transfer responses to 1C openings/(1M)-X auctions
Various interferences to 1N openings, including Suction &Multi-Landy

Are there any other common conventional agreements that you think we'll need to prepare systematic defenses for? Does anyone have a really good defense to Suction that they would be willing to share?

Thank you,
Chris Gibson

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