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New Tournament Policy

Many of the people  who play in our Intermediate/Novice tournaments are not, and have never been, members of the ACBL. This means that they have no ACBL number. Beginning March 1, 2018, if you don't have an ACBL number, active or expired, you won't be allowed to play in any tournaments. The ACBL is hoping that these people will buy a one month ACBL membership for $US 8, and thus obtain a lifetime ACBL number and be able to play in tournaments. I am very concerned that this expectation is not realistic, and a significant number of people will become ineligible to play in our I/N tournaments. The same situation will be true of other tournaments as well, as a number of people who would normally play in a 0-499 or 0-999 game at a Sectional or Regional will not be able to play. Additionally, the logistics of selling entries is not clear, as normally a pair just purchases an entry, goes to their t able, and fills out the entry form. The entry forms are not picked up until the game is underway, and it is therefore difficult to see what can be done if one or both members of a pair have no ACBL number on their entry form. Going around and telling a number of pairs that they will have to leave would totally negate whatever play had taken place up to that point, and the game would likely have to be restarted. With tournament attendance in decline, I am baffled as to what kind of thinking has led to the implementation of this policy.

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