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New Zealand Interprovincial Championships. My first time on vugraph - not a great experience

This was at the New Zealand Interprovincial Championships. I am playing in the Senior's team for the Auckland/Northland region against teams from the other six regions in the country. Two more days to go.

The highlight was making a beer card but that was offset by the rest of the 12 board match.

The Vugraph operator was engaging the table in post mortem play analysis after almost every board. Comments such as 'you should have underled the Diamond Ace to put your partner in with his King to give you another ruff.' After one board, he even told us the result at the other table in the match.

During the course of the match, our opps committed two distraction errors on the first round of bidding while the Vugraph operators comments on the previous board would still have been ringing in their ears. On one of those occasions my RHO commented that she was still thinking about the previous board when she misbid.

I said nothing during the match as I just wanted to play cards and not kick up a fuss but afterwards, I discussed the matter with our NPC who promised to take the matter up with the organisers. I also asked our opps if they had felt damaged by the distraction and invited them to protest if they wished.

I guess that the lesson here is that organisers should make sure that vugraph operators are correctly informed of their duties and expected behaviour.

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