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Thanks to the Hungarian Bridge Federation, we have received a unique opportunity which we would like to share with you!

This article contains 3 pages. The first page provides a general view, the second is about the participants, and the third about our Vugraph.

First, here is a brief summary of our championships. Annually from September to June we have 4 different and lengthy events in Budapest: the MP pairs, the IMP pairs and the teams championship. The 1st division plays every Tuesday, the 2nd division on Mondays and the 3rd on Thursdays. We will also have the K.O. Cup organized on a weekly basis in the same fashion. Every one of these four competitions has national finals where players from all over can join the field of players from Budapest.

On the 17th and 18th of November (this Saturday and Sunday) the national final of the IMP pairs tournament will be held with our tablets (LoveBridge). (Teaser: provided that this weekend goes smoothly, the next event with our devices will start at the 4th of December with the 1st division of the MP championship being played with our tablets on 8 consecutive Tuesdays, except for seasonal holidays.)

On Saturday we will play two rounds from 10:00 to 14:30 and from 16:30 to 21:00 (CET). The best 12 pairs will move to the 'Super Final' 11x4 boards from 9:30 to 18:30 (CET) with a 90 minutes break in the middle (approx. from 12:30 to 14:00).

You can follow every bid and card exactly as it happens here: 

We are extremely excited for the players because most of us are not accustomed with being watched by many experts, and the system developers are hoping for the best with this big challenge. We hope everything will be smooth and that you will enjoy the show!

For those who are interested about the participants, here are three lists of the Hungarian players: (master points achieved in a lifetime) (“live” master points, based on an algorithm where the older points are obsoleted) (yearly master point run)

The weekend we will have in the field the leader of the yearly run, the young Csaba Szabó, who recently won the Joan Gerard Trophy in Orlando with Peter Hódosi (also in the field). There is also all the top ranked players: László Szilágyi, Miklós Dumbovich, Péter Gál and Gábor Winkler. We also have Péter Lakatos from the national team playing with Gábor Winkler, thus being the top favorites of the event. Many of you may personally know Brigitta Fischer, who has played many times in both the womens' and the junior team. Here she will play with an old star, Gábor Macskásy, who has won many events and also played in the national team many times. I have also to introduce Gyula Bódis, the owner of our project, who made it through to the pairs final in Orlando with Gál Hegedűs. Gyula will now be playing with a junior lady, Villő Szűcs, who actually, together with Brigitta and other young ladies finished fifth this summer in Sozhou.

You will be able to follow any of these pairs in the vugraph, hopefully you will find it entertaining.

For those, who are interested about the Vugraph:

The vugraph works best using Chrome, Firefox or Safari (presumably not a very old version).

When in our Vugraph you can simply click on the name of the event. When it is live you will see two buttons: “Running Score” and “Tables”. We advise to click on the “Tables” button and choose one pushing the play button (please not mine! - I will be so worried about the system running properly that I will hardly follow suit Cool).

When you move your mouse or touch the upper right corner of the screen, you will see the navigation buttons in the upper right corner. We would like if you could try them out as they have great and useful functions!

Advice for the Vugraph users with bigger screens: when not on a mobile, you can divide your screen in four with the blue '2x2' button. You are able to navigate inside these parts the same way as with just one screen. With the four screens you can decide if you want to follow more tables or have the results/frequencies/private scores of any pairs in any of those windows.

Please come join us to enjoy this bridge weekend, celebrate the novelties and the possibilities of watching the excitement as it happens here in Budapest

(One last thing. Our vugraph is beautiful, even more than previously, but there is still issues with comments that is not properly solved at this moment, but it will be soon!)

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