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Nominate a New Name for Fantunes

I beleve the 1 level bids for Fantunes are incredibly wonderful. And by switching to David Kresh's much better  intermediate SOUND  two bids (11-14 hcp and either 2.5 Quick Tricks or good distribution) I am sure we have a magnificent system that is hyper-competitive and by design advantage giving.


But when I am asked what system do we play I FEEL ASSHAMED TO SAY FANTUNES.

I asked about its original designer which turned out to be CARLO MOSCA but he was only a starting point apparently.


I have thought about saying we play "Sky" "Carlo" "Mosca" and even "Fifteen" (all 1 level bids promise 15+ hcp in my version) but nothing seems to resonate.

Do you have any ideas for a new name for this system?

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