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Norma Kruegers Ethical Play

It is a principle of ancient Judaic law to always name the person you are quoting and always give praise where it is due.

 Today in my club, Norma who is a flight "C+" Player with roughly 500 mastepoints was faced with this ethical dilema.

She opened 2cl and her partner bid 1h. At this point the players called me.(They like to get their monies worth) After ascertaining that 2h would not have been conventional(please dont ask, thats what they play) I allowed her partner to correct to 2h.

At this point Norma on QJX instead of doing what most players would have done, making a forcing bid and finding out if partner actually had 5 hearts, treated the 2h bid as naturalshowing 5, and bid a game in hearts, the game made but it was probably not the best spot.

However even if it was an LA to bid something else, and even if that would have been ethically correct Norma didn't and I am proud of her for doing what she perceived to be the ethical thing to do.

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