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Not The Only Sort of Errors

We've had a great deal of discussion about how to decrease the number of scoring errors that occur in a session. Improvements to Bridgemates, methods of entry, other electronic devices, rapid and accurate posting of scores - and so forth and so on have all been mentioned.

Yet, I've seen very little (almost nothing?) about another sort of error.  What about the hands where someone claims 3, when they only made 2?  Or down one when they actually did fulfill the contract?

I know that I've had such errors occur for and against me. Needless to say, the approval of the pair against whom the error occurred must be contacted and concur. Still, these mistakes happen, all agree that the wrong result was inadvertently entered - and the score is changed to the table result.

Don't we want these wrong entries fixed, too - in whatever is determined a timely manner?And - if so, don't we usually need a bit more time for people to discover them, find opponents for confirmation, then alert directors? 

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