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Nutrition/fitness levels of top bridge pros

I came across this short humorous but serious video interview of a mid stakes poker player who highlights how seriously top poker players take nutrition these days compared to years gone past, which he is not prepared to do and one of the reasons he attributes to being left behind.

There are surely exceptions but the majority of pictures of tournament winners in bridge at the international level are of grossly overweight men with their guts hanging out & when I have attended any tournis myself I have often wondered how it’s possible for these players to maintain focus and perform at your best when they are in such shape.

This post is not meant to troll. It’s a serious example of how unprofessional top level bridge is and poker is a good example of how this has changed in just the last 5 years. Players eating pistachios on breaks instead of Doritos & monitoring their carb ratios etc. Can google pictures and articles about a player called Jason Koon who led the way if interested.  

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