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Jim Perkins recently started a thread "can you learn bidding in 15 mins?".

I had similar thoughts over the summer. i was on a boat with 10 other non card-players. I started playing gin rummy with my wife, others watched and joined in, playing within minutes. They loved it and were hooked. The biggest impediment to bridge proliferation (apart from the bridge is for old people belief), is how hard it is to learn.

The vast majority of beginner courses start with pages of bidding systems notes. People find this intimidating and too demanding and often give up at the first hurdle. People don't want to be back at school going home with homework.

I am a strong believer that it is better for people to just start playing and learning what trick taking is, probably via some form of mini-bridge.

I managed to teach my 4 year old son pretty quickly over the last year, mainly via him watching me play on BBO and wanting to click the buttons for me.

Googling around, there are very few Bridge apps, and i haven't come across one that is any good.

I remember there used to be a beginners course on BBO. It may still be there, but when I just logged on I spent ten minutes and couldn't find it so not sure how a newbie to the site would (I came across various bridge movies on compound squeezes at least).

Anyway, this is a long way of saying, i would be happy to fund anyone that has innovative ways of teaching bridge very quickly, probably via an interactive app.

Aimed totally at the beginner and perhaps a focus too on kids learning. I think it could be possible for many people to learn the basics to get them to a place where they can play themselves within an hour (clearly don't need to know the score for 5s making xx vulnerable plus two).

If you are a programmer, or coder and interested in bridge development please private message me.

If you just have general innovative ideas on how to teach people quickly, please post comments below.


p.s Warning: I do have an agenda behind this as just started a company called Cerebral Gym, which is launching shortly. The idea is to get people going to live centres as well as online at, to workout their minds just as one does for their bodies in traditional gyms. Learning bridge for beginners and intermediates and for kids, will be a small part of the program.

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