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Ok. A stupid question on a Wednesday evening.

Bridge is a game of mistakes. I get that. Lord knows I am guilty of it. But, what is the truly worst bridge play in the context of the contest that you have ever seen? 

Playing a US team trials and declarer is a paid (I assume) professional, I throw down the following gauntlet:


Partner's lead is won cheaply by opener. Dummy comes down with

xx, xx, AKJTxx, xxx

Declarer wins and plays the D9, (partner playing the D2, upside down count) ducked by me with DQxx behind dummy. Declarer plays a second diamond and partner shows out.

Declarer played the DT! (It was a safety play. Declarer was cold for 9 tricks with 5 diamond tricks.) The client never noticed.

You ain't seen nothin' yet. I once saw...
Yeah, I can understand declarer's mindset.

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