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OkBridge or BBO: Your Experiences

At the turn of the century OkBridge ruled online Bridge. It used to be the sun never set on the OK empire. We could play around the world 24/7 365. There was the odd weekend I would play 48 straight hours on every continent in the world. I had partners everywhere. I loved it.

Then along came Fred Gitelman with his bright idea that has popularized our game online. He has done us all so much good. The freebies was the attractor factor for so many long-time face-to-facers. Everything changed for so many. Another love affair for some of us. Others of us stayed sane.

OkB doesn't have the numbers it once did but there are still some very good players there. The Lehman rating numbers make finding the right level of partner easy and solves the frustration of experimenting with strangers and being unevenly matched. They have 12 board matches 3 times per morning afternoon and evening, ten in all per day every day. The Lehmans also tell us where to go for rated casual games. It costs $150 $US per year unlimited. That $13 per month is what it costs me to play one club game if I count the cost of my transportation. And it saves me time and convenience. Further I can play 36 boards in the time it takes me to play 24 boards live.

So I have become an addict, a controlled addict. I am obsessed with getting my Lehmans up. I have also met my best ever bridge partner on OkB. We have detailed system notes that we are forever developing and we go over our postmortem games in detail by free long distance telephone. I think this is the very best part of Bridge for me.

Personally, I have not figured out how to have as much fun on Fred's BBO. And I find the tournaments expensive, a lot more than the unlimited deal on OkB. But tell me why you love BBO and how it can be even better.

I certainly see the huge numbers BBO is running, so something big is happening here. BBO may even be the only way to attract seriously big numbers of new players to the game. Here is hoping.

Well ...

FROM YOUR EXPERIENCES, what kind of online Bridge do you prefer and WHY?



For online Bridge, I use something other than BBO or OkB: please explain
I never play online
I play online only a little
I play happily on both BBO & OkB
I play on both BBO & OkB a medium amount but prefer BBO
I play on both BBO & OkB a medium amount but prefer OkB
I play on BBO a lot and usually avoid OkB
I play on OkB a lot and usually avoid BBO
I am a light user and prefer BBO
I am a light user and prefer OkB
OTHER: please explain
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