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On the General Problem of Cheating in Organized Sports

Cheating scandals have arisen in many sports governed by international and national federations. We may mention in passing cycling, athletics, chess, bridge, cricket, baseball, etc. etc.

The conundrum as I see it is that cheaters make money for as long as they are successful, while federations have at their disposal a MAXIMUM penalty of lifetime expulsion.

To the extent that this remains the case, I see only three possible ways forward:

1. Make cheating as technically difficult as possible, I.e. drug testing, electronic sweeping, monitors, barriers, etc.

2. Transfer risk by allowing fines to be levied on sponsors and local organizations... As an example, baseball might have considered fining the owners/teams for steroid use by the cheaters on their teams.

3. Get legislation passed by states which criminalizes the monetary gains by participants directly due to cheating inside voluntarily joined sports federations.

I see the last as least possible practically but most successful as a deterrent.

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