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One Glaring Example of ACBL's Bloated Bureaucracy

I have read with great interest the saga involving the ACBL's latest deposed CEO.  This was a springboard to the following discussion:  Was the firing due, in part, to a stubborn CEO's desire to streamline the decision-making structure?  Certain opinions then flowed that 25 Districts was a case of way too many cooks in the kitchen.

I offer one anecdotal piece of supporting evidence from my Southern California vantage point.  As a San Diegan, I live in District 22.  Our geographic area covers all of Southern California except for LA.  District 22 is healthy, does financially well and offers several attractive regionals annually.  LA's District 23 is a total mess -- really a tragedy since Los Angeles was a national bridge mecca until the 1980s.  Pricey hotels, congested traffic and lagging membership have conspired to make the prospect of holding a financially viable regional in LA a daunting proposition.  Their latest regional, December in a desirable Glendale location and in a desirable hotel, lost lots of money.  Since the stuggling District  23 is  geographically surrounded in 3 directions by the prosperous District 22 (I leave it as a geography question for the reader as to what surrounds LA in the fourth direction).

It makes total sense to fold struggling 23 into prosperous 22.  In addition to providing a life preserver to LA bridge, the two districts would no longer butt heads in tournament coordination.  I have shaken my head at the number of times that a Regional in D22 quickly followed one in nearby 23 or vice versa.  I offered to talk to the District 23 Board in this regard almost a decade ago but no serious conversations ensued. 

District 23 has clearly outlived its usefulness.   I am realistic about how opposed those in power are to relinquish said power.   There was a reason that Tears for Fears had a #1 hit in 1985, "Everybody Wants to Rule the World."

However, common sense dictates streamlining.  The needed demise of District 23 is an example as to what could and should be done.

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