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One liners

In a recent poll I saw that a number of us would enjoy any article that was funny. We play bridge for all  kinds of reasons, but if it can put a smile on our face  humor is welcome.  With this in mind lets share our favorite bridge stories the we liked. here are two of mine !

Paul Heiter , a world class player and native New Yorker was living and playing in Toronto Canada.  Toronto was hosting a National ACBL tournament  and Paul was doing the Vu-Graph. A pair bid a no play slam and Paul said that they  bid a Canadian slam. That being    a Canadian game was 8 tricks and hope and a Canadian slam was 11 tricks and hope. The audience was dead silent untill the shout out....."Ya   We hope we are playing against Americans !"

S Nelson was a top notch director, the highest ranked women of her time. Waiting to start the 2nd session of the Saturday open pair she was upset that a number of pairs were coming in late. Her announcement "I was the last person to  leave the ball room this afternoon and I managed to get here on time after diner... What is your excuse!

Silence  until  " It take more time to park a car than it does to park a broom! "...... The room including Mrs Nelson broke up!



Can you make us smile ?

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