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One side of a ruling

I played this afternoon at NYC's biggest club, in the hallowed "white" section. Before the last round, I saw the DIC hold a conversation at the table with the next NS pair and then with an EW pair at another table. I heard it related to a ruling and that in his opinion it was close. The DIC always leaves a half hour before the end of the game (to catch a train) and retained his right to change his mind about the ruling.

When I reached the next table, I discussed the situation with the North in question (a very good club director and excellent player). He told me the story of board 21 from the Common Game. West had:

KQ102  AQ864  108  53

NS vul only at matchpoints. North opened 1, partner overcalled 1. South passed and this hand raised to 3. North asked about 3 and was told it was weak. After North bid 4, West bid 4 on the way out. 

With the usual disclaimer that I have facts only from one side, I wouldn't think this would be close. A player has made a strictly limited bid and then hears her partner expects something else. I would think that pass would have to be a logical alternative, and the player would have UI that partner's opinion over 4 couldn't be trusted.

Can anyone make an argument otherwise? Can anyone imagine some extra fact the DIC may have had that was not related to me that would make this ruling close?

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