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One useful strategy after your side 1 nt opening


Sometimes;  pard opens a strong nt (15-17) and you wonder what to do with holdings like

QJ32                 OR     32

6                             QJ86

K10743                     A9643

1032                         84

You may have various attempts / tactics for similar hands. You may invite wondering how to end up. You may start with staymann and if you can find a fit it maybe ok if not; you bid 2nt which maybe too high already.

Besides if you pass, sometimes opps may intervene and find a playable spot and when  this happens you need to have made a lot of partnership homework to deal with.

Our idea is to transfer to your four card major and wait in such hands. If pard simply takes the transfer; pass and and hope the contract makes. This is the pitfall of the idea. The extend of the fit is unknown. It maybe 4/2, 4/3. One nt maybe a slightly better candidate to make. But your side still has legitimate chances to fulfill the contract. 

If pard bypasses the transfer;;;; BINGO. He has a four card fit, therefore you know what to do now. If notrump opener is sistematically allowed to bypasse with every four card holding the idea works great. Therefore we have distinguished good bypass (2nt) and bad bypass (3 of the major). Rest needs some partnership discussion.. 

We have been playing this for 3 years and the result is almost perfect.

One recent hand :§ion=A&pair=2&direction=NS&board=28

Give it a try, anyone?

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