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Two Gold Rush Pairs events have been held so far. Each had about 380 tables. I don't know the exact number of tables a typical National Gold Rush Pairs event has, but I looked up a few, and those were in the 70 table range.

I also know that no longer is anyone tempted to cheat online or at our National tournaments. But that's a discussion for a different thread. 

The online awards' schedule for smaller events may make some sense. Rewards there are top heavy to attract. But with ten times the number playing in online events each day, earning 27 plus for a Gold Rush event, seems a bridge too far, while the drop off from that top, seems way too steep.

We are talking Gold here. 27 Gold. They must have played really good to earn almost as many Gold in one sitting as they needed in their whole lives till then to become the Life Master most just became.  Did they need to beat out Joe Grue to earn those 27 Gold? 

What about club games?  Boy am  I one to talk. We are being permitted to give away the store. At this rate, by the time we get back to my B&M clubs, there won't be anyone left in the 99er, 299er, or 750 categories. I'll just be having LM Pair events with players who took up the game last year.  

Can we take a long look at these giant games and what they are doing to our system of rewarding our players? Is there a better model, one that sets a top award at each level, no matter how many hundreds of table are in play? Can we set a way of scaling down from there much more gradually so that twentieth out of 800, coming in the top 2.5%, is not chump change?

Or is the bridge community resigned to this? This is no longer a temporary thing. We let online out of the toothpaste tube. It won't be easy, nor will we want, to put it back. Online National 299er games with 2000 tables will be awarding how many points did you say? Let's go to the present formula and check it out.

Am I alone in this?

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