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Online Entry Purchase FAQ

What is this program?

This program allows you to buy entries online forNationalevents for the upcoming NABC. No more standing in a long line waiting to buy your entry!

Is there a service fee for all of this?

There is no service fee.

What events do you support?

We are selling entries for allNABC+ and NABC pair and team events. We are NOT selling entries to regional events at the Nationals.

How do I purchase an entry for an event that's not listed above?

At this time, we are only supporting online purchasing for the above NABC and NABC+ events. To buy an entry for an event that's not listed, you will need to purchase an entry in person at the registration desk on the day of the event.

How do I buy an entry?

Click on the event you want to enter. You will now be at the event page, showing the event, past winners, and currently registered partnerships. On the event page, click the BUY AN ENTRY button to get an entry form. Fill out the form specifying who you are playing with, then click REGISTER at the bottom of the screen. You will be taken to a form summary page and can then pay using a credit card. Check your email for your table assignment prior to game time. Then all you need to do is show up at game time and sit down at your table.

What forms of online payment do you support?

We support payment via credit card only. We are using the Stripe payment processor to securely process your transactions. Your credit card information is NOT stored on our site, so if you're purchasing for multiple events, you'll need to reenter your credit card information for each event. (We will be removing this restriction in the future.)

Do you honor junior discounts or other types of coupons?

We apply the ACBL's junior discounts automatically to those who qualify. We cannot at this time accept any other discounts or coupons. To use other coupons you must buy your entry in person.

I bought an entry, how will I know where am I sitting?

You will receive an email and/or text message with your seating assignment or seed number an hour or two before game time. Seeding assignments are handled just like normal: the directors will put table assignments for the seeded pairs in the rack after entries close.

How can I get notified of my seating assignment by text message?

If you have entered your cellphone number in your Bridge Winners profile, we will notify you by text message.

My partner isn’t a Bridge Winners user. Can I still sign up online?

Yes.They need to be an ACBL member to play in an NABC event. You can start to type their name and select them from the ACBL database.If they want to receive notifications, you can enter their email address and/or mobile phone number.

Do you support Day 2 or Day 3 of these events?

Yes, we are supporting all days of multi-day events. Once you sign up for a multi-day event, we will charge your card after the event concludes for the number of sessions you actually played.

I want a seed! Does your system handle seeding?

Yes. If you would like a seeded entry, and your event supports seeds, check the box that says "Please seed me" on your entry form. (If that box does not exist, the event is either unseeded or the full field is being seeded.) Bridge Winners will provide you with a seeding number via email prior to the event. Once at the playing area, you will be able to find your table assignment assigned to your seed.

Can I enter a non-playing captain?

No. List only the members of your team playing in the event. If you have a NPC, speak to the directors at the tournament site.

I need to remain stationary. Does your system handle that?

Yes. Simply indicate that you would like a double N/S on the entry form, and we will attempt to accommodate you.

Do you accept entries up until game time?

Due to logistics, we stop accepting electronic entries three hours before the start of the event for most events. Entries for events that require on-site preregistration, like the Spingold, close when the in-person entries close.

I bought an entry and I changed my mind! Can I withdraw and get my money back?

As long as online entries have not closed, you can withdraw and receive a full refund for the price of the entry. Once that deadline passes though, you’re locked in, as we send all of the entry data to the ACBL at that point. Please see the directors to let them know you will not be playing.

It’s after the deadline and one of us can’t make it! What should I do?

Once we close online entry sales, we send the full list of participants to the ACBL. If after this time you find that you are unable to play, please contact us as soon as possible to let us know, or contact the directors directly. We will let the event organizers know that you will not be playing. If you do not contact us or the TDs and do not show, your card will be charged.

I bought an entry and now I find out my partner can’t make it, but I have a substitute! Can I change my entry?

Yes, as long as it's before the deadline. After the deadline, see an ACBL director to get your entry changed.

Do I have to pay when I register?

No. You can pay at any time until online entry sales close.

I’m not sure if I have enough Platinum points to enter the Platinum Pairs event. Will you check?

The Platinum Pairs event is held at the Spring Nationals. It's currently the only event that requires that you have a certain number of Platinum points. If you are uncertain about whether you qualify,checkMyACBL.

I’m not sure if I have a Blue/Silver/Red Ribbon Qualification. Will you check?

The Blue Ribbon Pairs events require that both members of the partnership have earned a Blue Ribbon Qualification. The Silver Ribbon Pairs event requires that both members of the partnership have earned a Silver Ribbon Qualification. The Bean Red Ribbon Pairs event requires that both members of the partnership have earned a Red Ribbon Qualification. Unfortunately, we can’t tell if you two are qualified or not, because we don’t have access to the ACBL database. If you are uncertain about whether you qualify, check MyACBL.

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