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Open Source Swiss Matcher Algorithm Github Repository Created - Looking for Volunteers

I have created a GitHub repository for an Open Source implementation of a Swiss algorithm that can be applied to both Swiss Teams and Swiss Pairs.

Looking for volunteers to create the algorithm, and work on the code.

See for details. If you are interested in working on this, send me a message with your GitHub handle in it and I will add you as a Collaborator. I already added Greg because he is now a wiz at Ruby. I will add Steve as soon as I can find his GitHub handle.

I am curious on how this project will work as an Open Source effort. This is a sufficiently complicated problem that a group of people can work on it. I suspect that we only need 1-3 core developers, but the more the merrier. There is work needed in testing, documentation, implementation and the math(s) behind the algorithm.

There is a project Wiki, see . Please post any comments related to the project there.

I am not going to be the main developer, nor do I have any interest in being the long term maintainer of this code; if someone steps forward from their contributions they can take over from me.

I will have the team report back periodically on the progress as I'm sure everyone is curious on how/if Open Source can benefit bridge.

For all of you who commented on the benefits of Open Source, now is your chance to get involved.

There is very rudimentary test code on this site, enough to show some very basics of what an algorithm needs to do.

No need to post comments, anything related to the project is best posted on the project Wiki. I would however be interested in how long everyone thinks this will take both in terms of man hours, and also elapsed time. Looking for a first version to be able to integrate into Bridgescore+ and completely run an event. Does not need to handle everything, but be a working prototype, that's the goal for version 1. Subsequent versions can have more bells/whistles. As we don't know the number of developers, or how much time they have to work on it, for now best estimate will have to be man-hours. Am very curious on how good everyone's estimating skills are.

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