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Open sourcing ACBLscore

There were some suggestions in another thread that ACBLscore(+) would benefit from being open source. I think the topic deserves its own thread.

First, I don't think this egg will hatch or open up from the inside and may have to be forcibly cracked. I don't know what the resistance is from the ACBL itself to open source the project, but I think this is the first obstacle. Is any such endeavor feasible without the cooperation of the ACBL? Even if it's feasible, it would be easier with cooperation, so how can cooperative support be garnered?

Documentation. I don't see a successful line of deployment that doesn't interface with existing program(s) and documentation is scarce. There is some excellent work by Matthew Kidd on the ACBLscore game file format ( I don't believe it will be necessary to completely reverse engineer ACBLscore's file formats, just the fields that are used as input in the next part of the work flow. Also documentation on the new end. BBO already captures every call and card, so a new game file format should be detailed down to that level eventhough F2F bridge will not collect that information. Other necessary formats should be designed with an eye for the future, even if features are not likely to be used anytime soon. With both sets of documentation, anyone could make a replacement scoring module.

Organization. Open source projects tend towards meritocracies where those who do the work make the decisions. "If you want it done some other way, do it yourself," is not an uncommon attitude. Delivering the right product will require good governance.

Motivation. It is a large undertaking and sufficient manpower may not manifest itself without paid developers. Is there enough interest to actually do it?

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