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Opener's Jump Reverse

In Standard American after 1m-1M a jump rebid into 3-level red suit is not clearly defined.

For example, 1C-1S-3D/3H or 1C-1H-3D or 1D-1S-3H can be interpreted as splinter, minisplinter (splinter but not a game force) or a big 5M-6m hand.   Which treatment would you consider standard and/or of greatest value?

(Note that this could be used in Precision, but only in the specific case of 1D-1S-3H.)

a big 5M-6m hand
A mini-splinter, non-game forcing, Singleton only
A mini-splinter, non-game forcing, singleton or void
Splinter game forcing, singleton only
Splinter game forcing, singleton or void
Splinter game forcing, void only
Other (please define)

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