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Opener's rebid over 1NT in a 2/1 context

Let's assume, for the purpose of this poll, your system is standard 2/1. Your other agreements are :

- NT range 14+/17- (upgrades are frequent, downgrades aren't Smile)

- 1NT response over 1M opening is NF, 6-11 (semi-forcing for those who prefer)

- Jump shifts over 1M are natural and invitational, 9-11 roughly


When opener holds a 5M(332) minimum and faces a NF 1NT response, how often should he take another bid (2m) according to you ?

Always pass with 11-12 count, Act carefully with 13, Always bid 2m with 14
Always pass wih 11-13, Bid 2m with 14
Bid 2m with most 14, but passing is possible
Pass with most 14, but bidding is possible
About equal between the 2 previous answers
Pass with all BAL minimum

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