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Opening 1 with 5clubs and 4diamonds

If you play 2/1 bidding system and you hold 5 clubs and 4 diamonds, this is difficult distribution to describe when you have a minimum opening bid (<=15PC).

Some players prefer to open 1 and rebid 2, even though that distorts your suit lengths (it suggests that your diamonds are propably longer). Others prefer to open 1 and tell a small "lie" at their second turn by raising partner's suit with only 3-card support or by rebidding 2 or 1NT .

Some players prefer open 1 only with strong values in diamonds, for example xx Kx AKQx Jxxxx. Some players open 1 with 4 KJ2 AQ87 QJ654 to avoid a rebid problem (Larry Cohen standard). Some players strongly disagree with these opening with any cards. Some players open 1 all cards with 5clubs and 4diamons (see K. Martens, Profesional slam bidding).

What is the best?

I never open 1 with 4 diamonds and 5 clubs
I open 1 only with really strong values in diamonds
I open 1 with many cards to avoid rebid problem (Cohen "style")
I open 1 with 4 diamonds and 5 clubs (Martens "style")

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