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Opening 1N with fewer than 10HCP, Super Charts

On board 25 in today's Vanderbilt final, Madala opened 1N, 10-13 with 62 72 AJT972 A82. Greco called for a director when the hand eventually came down as dummy, contending N-S weren't allowed to play conventions over that NT opening since it could be fewer than 10HCP. Play continued and BBO  later reported: "The director came back and said that the rule about not opening 1NT with fewer than 10 does not apply to Super Chart events." Without devolving into a question of evaluation or the "Law being an ass", the convention charts seem to be very clear on this, and the director got it wrong.


GCC says the following allowed: "10. ALL CALLS AFTER A NATURAL NOTRUMP opening bid or direct overcall, EXCEPT for natural notrump opening bids or overcalls with a lower limit of fewer than 10 HCP..."


SuperChart says: "3. The prohibitions contained in item #10 under RESPONSES AND REBIDS on the General Convention Chart are effective for this Chart."


(My bolding) What am I missing? This seems cut and dried. Dont' get me wrong, I've always been against the ACBL's attempt to legislate against sub-10HCP NTs by restricting conventions, but that's a personal opinion. IMHO, the director is obligated to follow and enforce the law -- and he didn't, after plenty of time to decide and presumably with consultation.

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