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Opening leads against suit contracts from Jxxx and Txxx (no sequence) in an unbid suit

If you choose to lead a specific suit, I believe the "standard" opening lead holding non-contiguous honors is 4th best.

For this purpose are Jacks and Tens considered honors?

Anecdotally, I find that leading 4th best from 4 card suits headed by Jacks (Jxxx) or Tens (Txxx) does not yield good results.


Are there any studies/simulations that evaluate leads in these situations?


Assume neither side has bid the suit, and that all other suits seem worse to lead.


Choose one from 1-2 and one from 3-4

Please select up to 2 choices.

From Jxxx I lead the lowest
From Jxxx I don't lead the lowest
From Txxx I lead the lowest
From Txxx I don't lead the lowest

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