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Opening pass out of turn when pard is the first to bid

Yesterday my LHO opened with a pass out of turn. My RHO was the dealer. The offender just assumed he would have to pass at his first opportunity but since these rules have changed, I called the director.  Nothing happened as it went Pass Pass Pass and we bid the hand normally. BUT

The director ruled that if my RHO or I bid something, the the offender must make a comparative call that would not necessarily be pass. For example, if pard opened 2C , they would not be required to pass. The offender can bid somewhat normally they just cannot make some bid that sounds like an opening bid and the director needs to stay around to see that UI does not create a problem. 


For example; if their pard opens say 1, they are allowed to bid normally just their partner cannot know they have less than an opening hand. OK but what if it goes Pass  1x by me? Can they bid? say an overcall or a T.O. Dbl? 



I went back to the rule book but had trouble in a limited time to figure this one out. 

They are allowed to bid normally to pard's opening bid and allowed to overcall if I open the bidding
They must pass in either case
They are allowed to bid to pard's opening bid but not interfere if I open the bidding

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