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Opinion: the Worlds - the Good and the Bad

Here are my unoffical thoughts and observations:

What was good?

The screens, the pre-duplicated boards, and the amount of space between the tables. In the pair events you could see the percentage so far for the current board after score entry and you were brought a summary sheet of 11 rounds of your results during the last round.

I liked the use of electronic scoring and TV screens (or PC screens projected against the wall) to show standings

These are all things I would be willing to play extra for to have in premier events in the ACBL. Maybe I will make a poll asking about these...

What was bad?

The web site did not have winners or scores in a timely fashion. This site posted them first (good for us). Their site also frequently timed out on database searches (like who was on what team).

The schedule was tiring for us older folk. 10:30 and 3:30 with the evening off always sounds nice but in practice there is not a long enough break in the middle. Personally I like to have my mornings off. Also now that I am an oldster, I would be happy to play fewer boards over more days in a senior team event. Five eight board matches would suit me fine.

In swiss team games there was a 20 minute break between each 10 board match both of which seemed too long to me. Then only an hour and a half for lunch. So 2 matches, then lunch, then 3 matches, then go have dinner and get some sleep.

The start time and conditions of contest were often changed arbitrarily, at least in the non-main world events. We were more than halfway through the qualifying phase of the Mixed Teams when we informed that it would be a play through that would break into two brackets. It seems to me that when every imp counts in full for the title we should have known that from the start.

There was no carry over in any of the pair events from one qualifing stage to the next. That must have been annoying for those who did well in the earlier stages.

Not to take anything away from all the new world champions we crowned, but FIVE simultaneous world events not even counting the juniors? If we consider the open and women's pairs the main events, those who were not playing the finals could enter an Imp Pairs or a Mixed Teams. Meanwhile many had opted to play the Senior Pairs instead of the Open/Women's to start with. Plus there were junior and "young" events going as well. This seems to me to be too many events.

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