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Out in C after 1D opening

Many 2/1 pairs play the following minor suit structure:

1m-2m gf, 1m-2om limit (11-12), 1m-2S mixed raise (8-10), 1m-3m preemptive (5-7)

In this structure there is no out bid in 3C after an opening 1D bid since 3C is crisscross. One solution is to make 2S a 2-way bid, either a mixed D raise or an out hand in clubs. Since 2S is forcing, responder will next be able to show his hand after opener rebids either 2N or 3C to ask which. In this context 2N is a strong hand, whereas 3C in a minimum. So ...


                 3C = out in clubs

                 3D = mixed diamond raise, 8 to 9-

                 3H or 3S = mixed diamond raise, 9+ to 10 (and whatever additional feature you wish to assign)


                 Pass = out in clubs

                 3D = mixed diamond raise

Expert partnerships no doubt already have a means of getting out in 3C after 1D opening when playing 2S as a mixed raise. Are these published? I am interested in expert opinion on this subject after witnessing a Common Game disaster where responder held KQ10xxxx in clubs and out. My suggestion was to "Pass" but this was booed down.

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