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Overcall or Double with 4-5 in Majors?

The discussion in the "Where did we go wrong?" poll reminded me of an age-old question in bridge: When we're 4-5 or 5-4 in the majors with reasonable suits, do we make an immediate takeout double over opponent's one of a minor, or do we overcall our 5-card suit?  The answer may lay in the rest of the hand. For example, If you hold KQxx, AJxxx, xx, KQ, you may elect to overcall One because if the opponents bid 2, you can now DBL for takeout. But if you hold KQxx, AQxxx, x, Jxx, you may elect to DBL immediately, since you don't have the strength to later DBL 2 for takeout. I've always been in the overcaller camp with 4-5, but I've seen very good players DBL immediately with 4-5 in the majors and limited values. What's your opinion? In the immediate seat over opponent's One opener with KQxx, AQxxx, x, Jxx I would

bid One Heart
Make a takeout DBL

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