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Pairs result printers at Wroclaw

I want to comment on the pairs results discussions. I am not going to comment on the relative responsibility of pairs/scorers/TD's/WBF

But mention is made about the possibility of pairs to get private results after the session. Since I was the IT manager at Wroclaw, and the only one available at the end of the pairs sessions, I took it to be my responsibility to make sure this worked.

First, what is the setting? Outside the playing area there are a number of computers, running special software, equipped with a barcode scanner and a printer. All days of the pairs(except for the final) there were five of these computers. Now these are ordinary laptops, equipped with ordinary printers, so sometimes paper runs out, or they jam. That is why there is someone there to fix it. In this case it was me. I was also standing at the computer with the fastest printer, with a scanner in my hand to assist players. During the first days of the pairs indeed it was chaos every now and then. This was not helped by the fact that players tried to fix things by themselves, usually making matters worse. But still, I would be surprised if any player would take more than one minute to get his results.

Now these results contained all scores of the pair, that is all contracts and results(say NS 3H-1) and the preliminary pairs results. Because other people inside were still playing the percentage was a guess. EDIT: sometimes, if you played a barometer, and you were fast the last round was not there, so you could check only 8 iso 10 boards.

Coming to the last day, where all the trouble started. Now there were only about 80 pairs left, while in previous days there were about 450. We reduced the number of printing stations to 3 iso 5. I was still standing there looking, and as far as I could see there were no jams, and everybody had their results within about 15 seconds.

That is it. Clearly something still went wrong. However, any complaint about the printing facilities as far as I am concerned is exaggerated.


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