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Parenting During the Bermuda Bowl

The moment Jenny's team came back to win thefinals of the USA 2 Women's match, it was clear that my experience preparing for the World Championship would be unlike anyone else's before.

Our two children, 4 years old and 18 months old, would now have both of their parents competing halfway around the world in the World Championships of Bridge. The first question that came to mind was: "Should we bring them?" The answer was a quick NO. Dragging them on 30 hours of plane rides, to a foreign country where we could not attend to them seemed like an obvious disaster. At home, they could keep their routine and maintain their social lives.

So now we needed someone we trusted to care for our kids during our 3-week adventure. My mother, Granny Hazel, couldn't do it as she had been selected asNPC of the CANADA team (which features Uncle Darren as well). However, Jenny's mother, "Mormor" (her partner from the 2007 Venice Cup), volunteered to take a month off from work to fly to Florida to care for her grandkids. This incredibly generous offer could only come from a mother who has had first-hand experience of how difficult it is to leave your children to play in a world bridge championship. In the months leading up to Bali, ensuring that Mormor and our kids would survive the weeks together was, to say the least, stressful.

For the kids' sake, we needed to minimize the amount of time away from them. While some of my teammates have already been in Bali for a week, Jenny and I arrived just two days before the opening ceremonies. Since then, I've struggled to adjust my biological clock, often waking up before 5am local time. The last thing I want to do is let my personal struggle with the time zone affect Jenny. Armed with my laptop, I headed to the breakfast room to share my experience with you before sunrise. :)

Tonight we suit up for the opening ceremonies, and tomorrow we are out the gate... Our schedule is front-heavy, so there'slittle time to be jet-lagged. Luckily, with three strong pairs on our team, any one of our pairs can step up to play all three matches on a given day, to cover when one pair is tired. On our first day, we faceBRAZIL, MONACO, and USA 2. Let's do this!

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