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Passout-seat double by opening preemptor

This poll covers the auction: [Preempt] (Overcall) Pass (Pass); Dbl

My general qeustion is, what is Opener's double (i.e. what is the correct/best way to play it)? The discussion probably generalizes to preemptors double in other auctions.

When the opening preempt is at 4 or higher, I'm pretty sure experts agree that the double should show extra offense and typically (always?) shortness in the opponent's suit - Opener (if they opened 4M) is saying "I want to compete to 5M".

But what is the dbl after 2- and 3-level preempts?

"I have an offensive max and want to compete"
"I specifically have shortness in their suit, and want to compete"
I don't know - good question

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