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Pearl Harbor / Oswald Jacoby hand at Richmond, 1941 - help on story
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Background: am writing an article on Bridge playing code-breakers. i am looking for bit of help on this anecdote.

Charles Goren, in an article in 1967, Sports Illustrated tells us: “I still recall the memorable occasion on the final day of the 1941 Winter National Championships in Richmond. Word came of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Jacoby stood up, immediately found a substitute to play for him and left at once for Washington. What he did during the war he has never described exactly, but one of the reasons his name does not appear in the recent book ‘The Codebreakers’ is that the Director of Naval Intelligence asked Jacoby not to talk if approached.”

I later learned that this may have happened:

A kibitzer at the time of the Richmond incident bumped into Jacoby a few years later. The kibitzer mentioned that he’d been there and witnessed Jacoby’s hasty departure. Jacoby enquired about the outcome of the contract. World War aside, he needed to find out. ‘One Down’, then kibitzer replied.

But when I was double-checking with my source, he said that it may have been the other way round.  ie, the kibitzer asked Jacoby to tell him what happened, and Jacoby replied, that the contract was defeated.

If anyone can shed any light on the anecdote, i would appreciate it. Thank you.

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