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Penalties for Not Being the First to Discover Someone's Cheating: A Modest Proposal

Since there have been suggestions here that teammates of cheats should be suspended for not having known that their teammates cheated, let's determine appropriate punishments for folks who were in a better position to know than the teammates were:

-All tournament directors of tournaments in which the convicted pair played, except for the one in which they were caught, should be suspended without pay for two years and sent for retraining.

-Opponents who played against the cheating pair (at the same table) in Mitchell-movement pairs events should have their titles stripped.  After all, we can presume that if they were in the know, the cheaters didn't dare cheat on those boards but did cheat on the rest of the boards in that round, to the benefit of the pair in question.

-Anyone who did a _post mortem_ with the cheating pair must have been so oblivious that they should be sentenced for the next year to go to the bar and drink at least two drinks *before* each round so that their play is poor enough that they can maintain the obliviousness excuse.

-Families are often the first to know.  The spouses of all cheaters should be suspended as well.  After all, the bridge cheats probably cheated on them too, and they should have known and warned the rest of us.... 

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