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Note: The following email exchange began before Monaco withdrew from the BB; the reply was received afterwards.


why no statement?

Mike Lipkin

8:29 PM (22 hours ago)

to simon.fellus

Dear Mr. Fellus,

Despite the clear crisis created by the Fantunes cheating scandal, the WBF website contains not a single comment regarding its position other than to welcome Sweden to India- there because of another cheating scandal.

This only increases the amount of disdain the bridge-loving public feels for your organization. Will you not make a public statement?

Attachments1:33 PM (5 hours ago)

to meDear Mr. Lipkin,i don't know if WBF will make an official statement.For sure ACBL and EBL did it because accusations were sent to these Organization and investigations are under their control.

Best Regards

Simon Fellus

WBF Secretary

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