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Platinum Point and Membership Stats - ACBL?!

My first peek at my ACBL Member Profile in a couple of years seems to have revealed that:


Current Membership is 160,070, apparently down from the 165,000+ of recent years?  (UPDATE:  Some suggest in the thread below that this membership number is differently reported in differant places on the ACBL web site, and may actually be 167,000 +/-).


10,208 (under 7%) of those have ever won a fraction of a Platinum Master Point.  (A guess here is that ACBL Members who do not reside in North America contribute a bit disproportionately to this total).


Of those 10,208, only about 30%, or 3,000, have a lifetime Platinum Point total exceeding 40.  This is but 2% (approximately) of the entire ACBL Membership.


These were surprising to me, both the fresh decline in membership after what I believe was a short period of upswing, and the low number of ACBL Members who seem to have interest in, and/or achievement of, the highest level of play and accomplishment.


Your surprise, if any, could be of delight, or of chagrin, and could even be split between Platinum Points and Membership (too many possibilities to separate in the poll).  It is not necessary to be an ACBL Member to vote, or to react.  Similar information from other NBO's could prove both helpful and enlightening :)


(NOTE:  FWIW, when I was Chair of the ACBL BoG for four years, it seems I was the first person actually to extrapolate and publicly announce the median age of ACBL Members, which has risen considerably over the quarter century since).


The Total ACBL Membership Number is Surprising
The Platinum Master Point Numbers are Surprising
Both the Total Membership and the Platinum Master Point Numbers are Surprising
Neither the Total Membership nor the Platinum Masterpoint Numbers are Surprising
Other (Feel Free to Explain)
I Prefer Not to Answer Because I'm Not an ACBL Member
I Don't Know and I Don't Care
:) Gary, Let ACBL Headquarters be the Bearer of Any Membership News and/or Statistics
(JOKE) Let's Sell Platinum Points to the Masses as with Silver, Red, and Gold Points :)

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