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Player Memo: Apparently, New Informaton

This squib was published in today's Philadelphia Bulletin.  These details appear to be new, and may be helpful to some of us.  I'm rather certain they were not part of Robb's message to Bridge Winners readers, published some months ago.  Pls advise if I'm mistaken.  Whatever, be aware of the advisory.


"Monday, March 12, 2018Daily Bulletin Page 4

What Happened to My Player Memo?

By Robb Gordon, National Recorder So you filed a player memo and you got a canned acknowledgment. What happens next?

The answer depends on three things:

1. How long ago was the incident? Unless thealleged violation is very serious (like cheating) orpart of a pattern of (mis)conduct we have detected,we cannot do anything with a memo that you filebeyond 120 days after the incident.

2. Did you waive confidentiality? If not, it maylimit our ability to act on the complaint.

3. If the accused is guilty of everything youallege, is it a violation of our Code of DisciplinaryRegulations? If not, we just file the report as there isno basis for discipline.Let’s say your Player Memo passed thesethree tests. Then the recorder investigates. Thisinvestigation will involve the following:1.An interview with you.2. An interview with the subject of the complaint.3. An interview with any tournament directorinvolved in the incident, and a determinationwhether a Zero Tolerance or procedural penaltywas assigned.

4. An interview with any witnesses.

5. A review of the deal, sometimes consultingexpert players (or players of your caliber insome cases) for their opinion (with no disclosureof who was involved).

6. Involvement of the Anti-Cheating Commissionif appropriate.

7. A written summary of the investigation providedto the charging party. It will include evidenceand a recommendation regarding whether thesubject should face a disciplinary committee.If the complaint is about an incident at atournament still taking place, the charging partyis the director-in-charge. If not at a tournament,the charging party is the unit or districtpresident where the incident took place or thesubject’s unit or district. If the case goes to theACBL Disciplinary Committee or the EthicalOversight Committee, the charging party isACBL management. The proper charging partyafter a tournament is spelled out in the Code ofDisciplinary Regulations.

8. If the charging party decides to bring charges,the chair of the appropriate disciplinarycommittee is contacted, and the disciplinaryprocess begins. You are no longer a participantin the formal disciplinary process, except thatyou may be called as a witness. If the chargingparty decides to send the matter to a tournamentdisciplinary committee, the charging party issolely responsible for “prosecuting” the case.Note: At the Philadelphia NABC, playermemo stations may be found in the pre-functionareas"

PS: I've found that you may need to inquire even to get a "canned acknowledement."

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