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Playing the weak NT

Hi everyone. After years of playing 15-17, I started playing 10-12 NT nonvulnerable a few years ago and have been happy with the results. However I was still playing traditional stayman and transfer bids and at that time wasn't ready to adapt any of the novelties in Andy Stark's book.

Well, I think it's time to take our NT system to the next level using some of that book's ideas. In particular, nonforcing 2C stayman and game forcing 2D stayman (and no transfer bids whatsoever). We might also drop our vulnerable range to 12-14 (although I suppose we could still play these systems with a 15-17)

I just wanted to post here and let you share your preferences, ideas, stories related to a weak NT system. And are there any online resources that might help me decide how I want to do this? Game forcing stayman doesn't look too terribly complicated but it will take some getting used to. Thanks!

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