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Playing your 2 Aces on the same trick?

Here is a fun deal from a recent Regional Swiss Teams. It illustrates a new theme for me: declarer and dummy playing their respective Ace on the same trick...

You become declarer in 3 with QJ109x Axx xxxx in hand opposite Axx KQJ10 xxxx Qx on dummy. Your LHO plays 2 rounds of diamonds and you ruff the second one low. If the K is onside no more than third, you have 9 tricks. So you lead the Q at trick 3, which loses to the King. Back comes a third diamond, which you ruff. You cash the J, both following, and now have a perfect dummy reversal if you can manage your entries...

You are left with 10 Axx xxxx in your hand and KQJ10 Qx on dummy, and need 6 more tricks. You cross to the 10 and ruff dummy's 4th diamond. Now you cross to the J and comes the key moment. You play the A, pulling the last trump and... discarding the A! Now you can enjoy dummy's KQ and claim your 9 tricks.

2 Aces but only one trick... What a waste of values.

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