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Assume you’re playing with an occasional partner (no screens, no tablets; if it matters, matchpoints, ACBL game).

With opponents silent, your partner has opened 1S and you respond 3C holding J1063-A32-732-KQ3. Your 3C bid is artificial, not standard, and is designed to convey a mixed raise and is game invitational for spades.

Your partner (on a standard mind-set) rebids 3S.  No alert.

Is your view, as responder, something like this?:

(1) I can and will, in good conscience, gamble on a bid of 4S; it will probably make. There is no law or regulation from permitting to do so. Not doing so, in the long run, is losing bridge.

OR more like this?:

(2) There is no law or regulation against my risking a 4S bid. Partner has clearly forgotten what my 3C bid conveys. While, in the long run, passing may be losing bridge, I will back-up what might be a weird sense of ethics, and pass.

OR is your view:

(3) Something else?

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