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Monday KO event starts at 1pm. This is different from last year.

District 7 sells entry vouchers. Sales times are posted.

If you are only playing in pairs, read no more.

If you are playing in KOs, we are using Bridgescore+ to start the KOs. Games will start about 2 minutes after last sale. Please check your team masterpoints before close of sale. Team MPs are posted using the projector. Sales are on both sides of the wall. There are projectors on each side of the wall. Any discrepancy, see the TD entering the team MPs into the computer on your side of the wall.

We will run some Swiss (most likely Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri morning A/X) with Bridgescore+ and Bridgemates. All assignments/scores will be done using the projector. Bridgemates stay on the table. Enter the names of players sitting at table in round 1 NOT your teammates. These are imported directly to Bridgescore+. For each round an announcement will be made when the "Bridgemates are active". Please do not enter any scores until Bridgemates are active. Any problems with Bridgemates, call "Bridgemate please".  Check the top line of the Bridgemates for each round that it has the right team numbers and board numbers (the names will probably be wrong - ignore those - will fix in next release). You will still need to turn in your paper entry form because ACBL runs on paper... At tne end of the round, compare your score with the opposing team, but if all scores on entered on the Bridgemate there is no need to turn in the score. If you disagree with the posted score, bring the other team captain to the TD desk. We will print out what we think the score is and you can check with the other team. This is new software for most of the ACBL TDs so bear with us if there are a few wrinkles. Most common mistake is not verifying the score for the last board.

Swiss is a timed event. Using Bridgemates, we know who is slow. If you are running behind, expect a friendly visit from a TD. If you continue to run behind, you may lose a board. Assignments will probably not be posted until almost all scores are in.

For Tuesday and subsequent KOs, we will have pre-registration. Details will be announced. Pre-registration is only for teams that have the same players as the previous KO. So if you lose on Monday, you can buy your entry for Tuesday 1pm KO on Monday. The caddies will bring a print out of your team + players + team MPs during the first round. Your team will have a unique Team ID (TID) for the tournament. Use this for pre-registration.

Next page has some explanations - no need to read unless you care for more details.

For the KOs, about 2-5% of teams will change their masterpoint totals after the sale. We have had as many as 25+ corrections for a Gatlinburg KO. Please check your masterpoints before buying the entry. If you realize an error after the entry is bought but before the event has started, please see a TD entering data into a computer. It is an easy fix for us before the event starts. Once the assignments are posted, it is much more compllicated to fix. We know that there will be changes - please help us out.

If you have a general question for a TD, please don't ask a TD who is trying to start the event between 3 minutes before game time and the event starting. The TDs are trained to answer your question and stop what they are doing but interrupts when they are trying to bracket the event slows everyone down.

It takes us 2 minutes to post, because we have to print out the bracket sheets before posting on the projector. Just in case the projector fails. Or someone spills coffee on it. Please no drinks next to the electronics.

For the Swiss, you score will show up on the projector. If you have played all boards, and the score is not up after some reasonable time (couple of minutes), please double check the Bridgemates. Most common error is failure to verify a score, particularly the last score. We have to send someone to find you so this will slow us down.

When asking for Table number at start of a Bridgemate session, use the + and - keys or the digits to select what is displayed on the screen. The letters "A", "K", "Q", "J" on the Bridgemates are for entry of hands. There is a good chance we might be using section J and K for the Swiss. Please don't hit the 'J' key and expect it to select table J. Yes, it has happened, more than once.

There is a TD training session for the software on Sunday evening. If you are a TD and want to learn how to use Bridgescore+, please contact me and will see if we can add you. Remember this training is for the Gatlinburg TDs, but you are welcome to sit in the back. Bring a laptop with a WiFi connection.


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