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Poaching Jon Green's Post regarding the Common Game of 2/12

The discussion of this problem got me to thinking about two superficially similar auctions.

A.  (1)-X-(P)-1NT-(P)-2

B.  (1)-X-(P)-1M-(P)-2

Please choose whatever options you think are appropriate.

Please select up to 2 choices.

A1- the cue bid is obviously forcing to game and has no other meaning.
A2- the cue bid is forcing to game and shows doubt about 3NT.
A3- the cue bid shows doubt about 3NT but forces to game only if partner has a sure stopper.
A4- the cue-bid has some other meaning.
B1- the cue bid is forcing to game even opposite a Yarborough.
B2- the cue bid is forcing to game unless partner has a near Yarborough.
B3- the cue bid promises a strong hand with 3 trumps and forces to game if partner's suit can stand 3-card support.
B4- the cue bid has some other meaning.

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