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Poland should not have played in the Bermuda Bowl.

Three teams withdrew from the BB due to allegations against one of their pairs during the qualification process. The Polish team was also made aware of allegations against one of their pairs during the qualification process, but chose not to withdraw.

Compelling evidence against FS and FN had been released publicly, and PS had confessed to being guilty of wrongdoing. So far, FN and FS have not admitted to anything nor have they openly challenged the accusations. Evidence against BZ was released publicly, (albeit until now in smaller doses), they too have not admitted to anything, nor openly challenged the accusations.

The WBF revoked the invitation to BZ, but did not disqualify the entire Polish team. It was upsetting to many that Poland was allowed to remain in the event, but it was not hard to understand the WBF's action due to concerns that disqualifying the entire Polish team might be perceived as a guilty verdict.

Poland's decision to play was both offensive and disgraceful. We all want to play in the Bermuda Bowl, but first you need to earn your place, and they could not be certain that they had. Nor can they claim that they did not have access to the evidence, it was easy for anyone to get a copy, and would have been even easier for the president of the PBU or the players. For them to ignore information from a credible source that their qualification might have been earned dishonestly, is reprehensible and spits in the face of the current efforts to clean up the game we all love.

I asked during the (opening) WBF press conference if they would consider sanctioning the NBO if the evidence that had been submitted was later found to be compelling. Perhaps we can consider that question again now.

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