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Polish club 1-2m continuations

One of my partnerships plays Polish Club: 1 is either 12-14 balanced, 15+ with clubs (5+ clubs, unbalanced) or 18+ with any hand shape. Our responses are:

  • 1: negative (or a rare strong hand). 0-7 most often, or 8-11 unbalanced without a 4-card major or good 6-card minor. The rarity is a strong balanced hand without a 4-card major or good 5-card minor which doesn't want to be declarer in 3NT or is just too strong (13-15 if doesn't want to declare or 16+ generally).
  • 1/1: 4+ cards, 7+ points.
  • 1NT: 8-10 balanced without a 4-card major.
  • 2/2: 5+ cards, 12+ points, GF.
  • 2/2: weak, 6 cards.
  • 2NT: 11-12 balanced without a 4-card major.
  • 3/3: invitational opposite a weak NT with a reasonable/good 6-card suit (two honours and 4HCP in the suit minimum, KJxxxx; Hxx opposite should be able to run the suit with 1 loser max).
  • 3/3: so far undefined.
  • 3NT: 13-15 balanced without a 4-card major, happy to declare.

With this in mind (and please also comment if you would suggest changing any of the initial responses), what would be your suggested rebids and continuations be after 1 - 2 or 1 - 2?

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